About RumpelstiltskinRSS

RumpelstiltskinRSS for Android

The RumpelstiltskinRSS Android app is an RSS reader that is dedicated to the Gengo crowd based translation service. If you already have a Gengo translator account, you can have RumpelstiltskinRSS alert you for new jobs.

Simply create a free RumpelstiltskinRSS account at rmpl.nl, enter your Gengo Jobs RSS, and customize the preferences. Then login from the RumpelstiltskinRSS Android app to your RumpelstiltskinRSS account to get notified of jobs that meet your preferences.

Notification options include a sound and vibration (if your device supports this).

Be aware that this app collects information from the internet every minute, causing heavy battery usage. The data traffic is around 1-5 KB per cycle, or up to 7 MB per day. Check with your phone company how this could affect your bill.

Also, take note that Gengo and RumpelstiltskinRSS are separate products, so be sure to use a username and password different from your Gengo account. For assistance, please contact the developer (Alexander@rmpl.nl), not Gengo.